Creating Surveys

  • Designing Your Survey

    How to Create a Survey

    Click Create Survey in the upper-right corner of your account and choose one of the options: Start from scratch, copy an existing survey, search surveys and templates, or use build it for me.

    Question Types

    We have several open-ended and closed-ended question types. The settings within a question allow you to control the type of data the question will collect. Make sure you pick the question type that's going to report the data you want.

    Question Bank

    Question Bank is a library containing hundreds of questions you can add to your survey in seconds. These questions are written and certified by our very own survey methodologists.

    Survey Design & Character Limits

    A list of survey design and character limits you may encounter while creating or taking a survey.

    Adding and Editing Questions

    Add new questions to your survey from the BUILDER, QUESTION BANK, or by clicking +New Question on the Design Survey page. When you add a new question, an editing view appears where you can enter your question text and customize the question. All question types, including Text and Image, count towards the 10-question limit of the Free plan.

    5 Tips for Writing a Great Survey

    Define your objectives. Work backwards. Check for bias. Do a test drive. Collect results and analyze data.

    Copying & Pasting Questions

    If you've already written your survey questions outside of SurveyMonkey, you can copy and paste questions and answer choices into SurveyMonkey all at once, instead of adding each question one by one.

    Deleting a Question

    Deleting questions in the survey design will also delete any responses collected.

    Changing the Survey Title

    Edit your survey title from the Design Survey tab. The survey title appears at the top of each survey page, unless you choose to hide it.

    Adding a Consent Statement or Privacy Notice

    You can ask respondents to agree to your consent statement or your privacy notice or practices before taking your survey. Use Skip Logic to disqualify respondents who don't consent to your terms.

    Can I upload or import a survey?

    You can't upload a survey you created offline or import responses collected offline—you must manually enter each response.

    Accessibility When Using SurveyMonkey

    SurveyMonkey understands the importance of accessibility on the web and empowers you to make surveys that are Section 508 and WCAG2 compliant. In this article, learn how you can create accessible surveys and how to use a screen reader to navigate SurveyMonkey surveys.

    Using Inclusive Language

    Inclusive Language Design

    Copying or Moving Questions

    Copy or move questions within a survey.

    Build Surveys with AI

    Build with AI, powered by OpenAI, makes it easy and quick to create a survey.

    Getting Started with Forms

    Create forms to capture the information you need and embed or send your form where people can fill it out. You can then view and take action on your responses.

  • Survey Use Cases & Templates
  • Open-Ended Questions
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Ranking & Rating Questions
  • Question Settings
  • Adding Text, Images & Videos
  • Using Survey Pages
  • Themes & Format Options
  • Applying Logic
  • Previewing & Testing