Create forms to capture the information you need and embed or send your form where people can fill it out. You can then view and take action on your responses.

Forms and surveys are both created the same way, so you can use this help center for guidance while creating, sending, and analyzing your forms. 

To create a new form, click Create Survey from the header menu in your account and choose from the options.

  • Start from scratch
  • Copy a past form
  • Start from a template

When you're working on your form, use the sidebar to add your own questions or choose pre-written questions from our Question Bank. You can apply question settings to further customize too. 

If you have a long form, break it up into multiple pages. Pages help you organize your form into sections, which makes it easier for people to take. Plus, every time they go to the next page, their previous responses are saved.

After your questions and pages are set up, it's a good time to apply logic to the form. Logic can help you get better data by creating a more personalized experience for respondents.

After your questions and logic are in place, you can focus on fine-tuning the look and feel of your form with our design and display options. Some customization options are only available on certain paid plans

It’s always a good idea to preview your form before sending it to respondents, so you can catch any mistakes or logic issues

If you’re collaborating, you can invite others to give feedback on your form by sharing the preview link or sending an invite to comment. 

Once your form is ready, click Collect Responses and create a collector so people can complete it. There are various ways you can get your form out there to collect responses. For example, you can embed your form or show a pop-up invitation to your form on your website. Or, you could create a URL or QR code linking to your form so you can send or post it anywhere you want.

When you view your results in the Analyze Results section, you can view all responses at a glance in our Individual Responses table view. Or, view Question Summaries to view summaries of each survey question.