PAID FEATURE: Accepting payments is only available on some paid plans—see what's on your plan.

Add a payment page to the end of your survey and accept payments through Stripe. You can either assign prices to a single question, or charge a fixed price for your entire survey.

Stripe is a third-party payment processor that lets you securely accept and manage payments online. You'll need to connect a Stripe account to accept payments in SurveyMonkey. Only the survey owner can connect their stripe account. You can't connect a Stripe account to surveys that are shared with you.

To connect to Stripe:

  1. Go to My Account in SurveyMonkey.
  2. In the Linked Accounts section, find Stripe.
  3. Sign in to an existing Stripe account, or create a new Stripe account.

Stripe is free and easy to set up, but if you have any issues connecting your account you can reach out to the friendly Stripe support team.

If you're on an Enterprise team with data stored in our Canadian Data Center, this feature isn't available. You can see if this applies to you by checking your Account Details.

Payment pages come at the end of your survey. This means people need to complete your survey in order to see it. For a quick payment experience, try to make a short and simple survey.

To add a payment page to your survey:

  1. Go to the Design Survey section.
  2. On the left side of the page, open the Build.
  3. Drag and drop Payment (Stripe) into your survey.
  4. If you'd like, enter header text that shows at the top of your payment page.

You can set a fixed price so all survey-takers are charged the same amount, assign prices to a single question in your survey, or let people pay within a range. Prices must be a whole number between $1-$10,000 in most accepted currencies.

Feel free to make changes to your prices as you need—changes that you make to your survey go live as soon as you edit your survey design.

  • Charging a Fixed Price
  • Assigning Different Prices
  • Using a Sliding Scale

TIP! If you have a limited amount of tickets or items that you want to accept payment for, you can add a quota to your survey. Once the quota has been met, survey takers won't see the payment page.

People taking your survey have plenty of options to pay—Stripe supports over 135 currencies and accepts major credit cards.

After you design your survey, create a collector to send it out and start accepting payments. Web Links are the easiest way to get started, and Email Invitations are great if you have an email list to send your survey to.

You can send a survey with a payment page using any collector type—except for Audience, Mobile SDK, Facebook Messenger and Field Survey.

After a survey-taker submits a payment, they won't be able to return to the survey even when Response Editing is on.

When someone submits a payment through your survey, Stripe collects all of the details from the payment page, which means SurveyMonkey never saves or stores any credit card numbers.

You can go to the Analyze Results section of your survey to see a limited record of your transactions. You'll find them at the very bottom of your survey results.

The transaction record shows:

  • Stripe's transaction ID number
  • The amount paid
  • The date and time
  • The item description
  • The respondent's first and last name
  • The transaction status

This is only a snapshot of each payment taken at the time the survey is completed. To view real-time purchase totals, make refunds, and transfer funds to your bank account, log in to Stripe.

You can stop accepting payments at any time by deleting the payment page from your survey or by closing your survey.

Deleting a payment page from your survey will also delete any transaction records from previous payments in the Analyze Results section. You'll always be able to see your complete transaction record in your Stripe account.

If you disconnect your Stripe account in My Account, you won't be able to collect any additional payments from surveys with a payment page.

When someone submits a payment through your survey, they'll receive an email from Stripe confirming their transaction. Transactions appear on their credit or debit card statements with the name of your survey.

SurveyMonkey's platform allows you to integrate with third-party payment processors. Some of these payment processors may require Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) under the EU Payment Services Directive(PSD2). People in Europe who submit payment through your survey may need to provide additional authentication. It's not possible to disable this authentication when payment processors require it.

If someone runs into issues making payment, they can reach out to Stripe or their card issuer for help.