Sending Confirmation Emails

When someone completes a survey sent by an Email Invitation, automatically send them a confirmation email that lets them know you received the survey and includes a link to see their answers.

To turn on Confirmation Emails:

  1. Go to the Collect Responses section and choose Send by Email to send an Email Invitation.
  2. Compose your invitation message and click Next.
  3. Click Confirmation Email.
  4. Select On, send a confirmation email to each respondent with a copy of their answers.

The confirmation email is automatically sent to the recipient's email address after they complete the survey. It isn't possible to manually send confirmation emails.

Confirmation Emails aren't sent to people who only partially complete a survey.

The confirmation email is sent a few minutes after the survey taker clicks Done to complete the survey. The email includes the survey title and a link to view answers.

Survey takers can view all the questions they saw when they took the survey along with their answers, including open-ended text and piped text.They can view their answers for 90 days after taking the survey. But if the survey owner closes the collector, the link to view answers will say something went wrong.

If you used a Custom URL or removed the SurveyMonkey footer on your email invitation, we apply the same options to your confirmation email.