Sending Surveys

  • Collecting Responses

    Ways to Send Your Survey

    After you've designed and previewed your survey, create a collector to send it out. You can send a survey via URL, email, buy responses, and more. Survey responses are then recorded in the Analyze Responses section of your account.

    Managing Survey Collector Options

    Collector options are settings that affect who can access your survey, how many times respondents can take the survey, and what respondents see when they're done. Require a password, close the survey at a specific date or response count, or keep a survey anonymous.

    Allowing Multiple Responses

    Enable multiple responses if you want people to take your survey more than once from the same browser. This collector option is helpful if you expect survey takers to take your survey on a shared device, like in a computer lab or on a public kiosk.

    Editing Survey Responses

    You can allow people who take your survey to edit their responses either while completing the survey or after they submit it. Survey creators can edit survey responses for a respondent from the Individual Responses tab.

    Manually Entering Survey Responses

    Manual Data Entry allows you to input responses you collected offline or to add responses on behalf of someone without an internet connection. There is no way to upload survey responses in bulk.

    Survey Takers Can’t Complete My Survey

    Read these tips if your respondents are reporting trouble accessing or completing your survey.

    Can a survey be saved and finished later?

    The survey creator needs to edit the Collector settings to allow respondents to edit their responses. Then respondents can complete a portion of the survey and return later to finish the rest.

    Why does the survey time out or not fully load a page?

    If a survey design is very long with many questions, answer choices, or images on a single page, this may cause issues with loading time.

    Can a respondent fill out the same question or page multiple times?

    You can allow respondents to take a survey more than once or copy questions so respondents can fill out as many as they need. If those options don't meet your needs, Wufoo might be right for you.

    Why are answers already selected when I try to take a survey?

    The survey settings allow responses to be edited. Please contact the survey creator who can disable editing.

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