Required Data in Email Invitations

When using the Plain Text or Custom HTML message formats, you may see an alert that you need to include required data tags before you can send your message.

Required data tags are placeholders that are automatically replaced with the following content when the message is sent.

[SurveyLink]Inserts a link to take your survey. Each contact gets a unique survey link, which allows you you to track survey responses.
[OptOutLink]Inserts an opt out (or unsubscribe) link, allowing contacts to opt out from survey invitations sent through your account. The opt out link is required per our Acceptable Uses Policy. Formerly this tag was [RemoveLink].
[PrivacyLink]Inserts a link to the Legal Center's Privacy Basics page where respondents can learn about how SurveyMonkey treats personal information and data.
[FooterLink]Adds a "powered by SurveyMonkey" footer at the bottom of all messages. On some plans, you can remove this tag to hide the SurveyMonkey footer.

When the Embed first question option is selected, [FirstQuestion] inserts the first question of your survey in your email invitation message.

[FirstQuestion] is only required if Embed first question is selected and replaces the requirement to include [SurveyLink].

We include all required data tags in the draft messages provided for Plain Text or Custom HTML messages, but if you copy and paste your own custom text, you'll see an alert if you're missing a required data tag.

To insert a required data tag:

  1. Open the message editor.
  2. Place your cursor in the message where you'd like to insert the tag.
  3. At the top of the message field, click Insert Required Data.
  4. Select the tag to insert.

TIP! The HTML Template message format automatically includes required tags for you as part of the template design, so you don't need to manually insert them.

If you're using the Custom HTML message format, use [SurveyLink] and [OptOutLink] as the URL within the anchor tag. The survey link and opt out will automatically replace the bracketed values once you send the message. For example:

<a href="[SurveyLink]">Take the survey!</a>

<a href="[OptOutLink]">Please remove me from your mailing list.</a>