Sending Multilingual Surveys by Email Invitation

Beta feature: Sending a multilingual survey by email invitation is only available to some customers at this time.

The multilingual Email Invitation Collector lets you send customized email invitations for your surveys in multiple languages, send follow-up reminder or thank you emails, monitor email analytics, and track who responded.

There are a few steps to follow to send multilingual emails:

  • When you’re designing your survey, enable the survey languages you want to survey respondents in.
  • Set up your email invitation collector
    • Assign language codes to your contacts 
    • Enable the Translate message toggle
    • Click on a language and customize that language version’s email message (repeat this for all your languages)
    • Send language version email invitations to your contacts

At least one language must be enabled in the Design Surveys Option in order to display the Translate message option in your Email Invitation collector.

You need to assign a language code to your contacts so they can receive the right language version of your survey. The Language Codes article lets you know the code associated with the languages you’re sending your survey in. 

The Translate message toggle is enabled automatically if you’ve added at least one secondary language in the Design Survey section. When the toggle is on, you can add recipients to your email invitation via CSV file, Contacts, or manually.

You can add your contact information in the following order:

Email, First name, Last name, Language code, Custom 1 - 50

You can click between the language versions of your message to customize each language version’s Subject, Header, and Body. The Title of your survey automatically imports from your CSV or PO file that you set up in the Design Survey section.

When sending a multilingual email invitation, the Email Settings page looks a little different than the original Email Invitation. You’re able to set up the following collector options: 

  • Custom End Page
  • Response editing
  • Cutoff date and time
  • Response limits

Additional email settings aren’t available at this time. 

You can choose to Send now or Schedule for later. Below these settings you’ll see a summary of your email invitation, including the language versions applied to the email and number of contacts to receive each language version.

At this time, the recurring email option is not available.

At this time, it isn’t possible to Invite more contacts to multilingual email invitations. Set up a new email invitation collector to send additional invitations.

After you send your email invitation, you can set up one-off follow-up emails to send reminder and thank you emails. It isn’t possible to schedule automated follow-up emails at this time.