Composing Email Invitations

When you create an Email Invitation to send your survey, you have a few options for how to set up the email. You can embed the first survey question in your email, choose from different message formats, or select a previously used message.

To edit your email message:

  1. Create an Email Invitation collector and go to the Message section.
  2. Choose to Copy a Previous Message or customize a new message.
  3. Customize your subject, select a Message Format, and customize your header.
  4. Use the toggle to choose if you want to embed the first question in your email. The toggle only displays when the first question meets certain requirements.
  5. Customize the Body of your message.
  6. Choose whether to Hide SurveyMonkey branding.
  7. Click Next.

You can click Preview Email and send yourself a test email before you send or schedule your message.

Paid Feature: Adding a logo is only available to customers on some paid plans.

Brand your survey so survey takers are more likely to respond. You should only add a logo that you have the right to use.

If you added a logo to your survey, it appears in your email invitation by default, but you can edit or delete the logo.

To add a logo to your email invitation:

  1. Select Template as your Message Format. You can't add a logo to a Plain Text email invitation.
  2. Click the Custimize header toggle to on.
  3. Click Add Logo.
  4. Upload an image from your computer or select a logo from your Library. The image format must be .jpg, .gif, or .png and less than 2MB.
  5. Select the Logo size, Position, and add Alt text.

We automatically apply the same colors from your survey theme. If you update your survey theme after creating an Email Invitation, your changes won’t be reflected in any sent or draft messages. But, you can update draft messages to reflect your updated theme.


Paid feature
Log in to see if this feature is included in your plan.

Hide Branding (Email Invitations)

Paid feature
Log in to see if this feature is included in your plan.

Depending on your plan, there are a few message formats you can choose from. You can only use one message format per message. If you make edits in one message format and switch to another, your edits may be lost or overwritten.

All message formats let you use custom data to personalize your emails.

Message FormatDescription
HTML TemplateThis format lets you:
  • Update the Header and Body text and logo
  • Use the formatting toolbar to bold, underline, or italicize text, add bulleted or numbered lists, and change the font, font color, and font size
  • Check a box to Hide SurveyMonkey Branding

You don't need to know HTML to use this template. Display issues may occur for survey takers when you use Symbol, Webdings, or Wingdings fonts.

Plain TextThis format lets you send emails without any styling or text formatting. You're responsible for including required data.
Custom HTML (Enterprise only)This format lets you:
  • Change the raw HTML or copy and paste your own custom HTML
  • Add images, embed videos, or hyperlink text
You're responsible for including required data.
  • Preview a Message
  • Copy a Previous Message
  • Viewing Sent Messages
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