Teams & Enterprise

  • Managing Teams


    If you need more than one SurveyMonkey account for your organization, sign up for a team. Team plans offer consolidated billing, seat management, a Library with shared images and templates, and collaboration features that help your team work together to create, send, and analyze surveys.

    Team Seats, Roles, and Permissions

    Your seat type and role on a team controls what permissions you have within your account and how you can work together with your team.

    Managing Seats on Your Team

    The Primary Admin or Admin of a team can add seats, invite people to join your team, and manage existing seats on your team from the My Team section of your account.

    Team Billing

    Learn all about how billing works for teams. The Primary Admin of a team is in charge of the consolidated billing for all accounts on the team.

    Manage Accounts with SCIM

    Use SCIM to keep SurveyMonkey accounts up to date with information stored in an identity provider (IdP).

    Manage Your Team’s Surveys

    If you are a Primary Admin, Admin or Division Admin, you can see the surveys created by people on your team and help manage those surveys.

  • Collaborating With Your Team
  • Enterprise Features