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We have some great ways you can work with other people on surveys, no matter what kind of SurveyMonkey account you have. To see our plan options or sign up for an account, check out our Plans and Pricing page.

  • Basic (free) plan: you can make your own surveys, comment on other people’s surveys and results, and share data pages with anyone.
  • Individual paid plans: you get access to more powerful features, like using survey logic in your design or exporting your results, plus, you’ll get additional shared data page options.
  • Team plans: you and everyone in your team can build advanced surveys and use all our collaboration features to seamlessly share surveys and manage access to different sections of a survey.
All plans
Team plans only
CommentingSend anyone a link to view and comment on your surveys and results.
Shared dataMake public or password-protected links to your survey results.
Transfer surveysTransfer the survey design, all its collectors, and all survey responses to a paid account.
Send a copy of a surveySend a copy of a survey design to a paid account.
Sharing daily summary notificationsNotify others when a survey gets responses.
Sharing SurveysControl who has permission to preview, view, edit, send, or analyze each survey.
LibraryWork from shared a library of survey templates, images, and themes.
Consolidated billingManage users and billing all in one place.
Team managementInvite people to your team and keep track of who in your company has an account.
Team discountsSave money on multiple accounts.
Data ownershipKeep data in company hands if someone changes jobs or leaves the organization.

* Some shared data page settings may only be available with a paid plan.