ENTERPRISE FEATURE: If you're interested in an Enterprise plan, contact sales.
Default Respondent Authentication and Anonymous Responses settings are available to all Enterprise customers. The other features in this article are Enterprise add-ons—contact your Customer Success Manager to add it to your team.

If you’re the Primary Admin of an Enterprise team, you can access the Settings section in My Team to set default settings and permissions for your entire team.

You can set default collector types and collector options for your entire Enterprise team, control whether people can change these default selections, and allow or restrict the types of collectors your team can use to send surveys.

The default settings are applied to all future collectors your team creates. Existing collectors—including recurring surveys—don't change, but can be edited to match the default settings.

  • Restrict collector types
  • Allow people to send surveys by text message

Whether or not team members can change these settings in individual collectors depends on whether the default settings were locked in Settings or conflict within a web link collector.

  • Respondent Authentication
  • Anonymous Responses
  • How Respondent Authentication and Anonymous Responses work together
  • Collector Options
  • Available collectors

You can create custom roles that will give team members more or less access, depending on how they use SurveyMonkey. Give seats on your team access to certain features, and administrative functions in the following permission areas: Manage users, Team-wide settings, Manage team credits, Team library, Division management, Team and billing details, and Advanced access and permissions.

If a respondent asks you or someone on your team to erase their response data, you can search across your team and filter by Email Invitation and Text Message collector metadata to find and delete applicable responses. Depending on where you and your respondents are located, you may be required to respond to requests from people who ask to exercise their data privacy rights.

To find and delete survey responses:

  1. Select My Team from the top navigation.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Click Survey response management.
  4. Click Search responses.
  5. In the new tab Response Manager, filter your team's responses by at least one of these criteria: Email, First name, Last name, or Custom field.
  6. (Optional) Filter your team’s responses by Date.
  7. Click Apply Filters.
  8. Click Delete Responses.
  9. Confirm you want to delete responses.

You can restrict users in your team from buying SurveyMonkey Audience responses unless they get your approval.

On (default)Users can buy SurveyMonkey Audience responses without your approval—they can buy responses directly with a credit card or buy credits themselves.
OffUsers can't buy SurveyMonkey Audience responses without your approval. Users need to request Audience Credits and you can transfer credits to the user so they can purchase responses.

When a user requests credits, you’ll get a notification email. You can manage all credit balances from the Manage Credits tab.

You can restrict users in your team from collecting personally identifiable information (PII) in the following open-ended question types: Single Textbox, Multiple Textbox, Comment Box, Contact Information, or Text A/B Testing.

  • Restricted PII
OnUsers can't collect PII in open-ended questions. If a user adds a question that asks for restricted PII, they won't be able to save the question. We'll tell them to edit the question so it no longer asks for personal information.
Off (default)Users can collect PII in surveys.