Build with AI, powered by the Azure OpenAI service and OpenAI, makes it easy and quick to create a survey.

To create a survey, type a prompt that includes your survey goals but excludes sensitive information. With a click of a button, we'll generate a survey for you. You can choose to use it and edit it, re-generate a new survey with an edited prompt, or start over with another survey creation method.

Build with AI is only available to some customers in the following supported regions or as otherwise updated on this page from time to time.

To view whether Build with AI is available for your account, navigate to My Account’s Account Summary tab and view the Data Features section. Depending on your plan, your Primary Admin may not have enabled the feature for the team.

The Help us Improve Build with AI setting is also found under the Data Features section. You can help make Build with AI better by allowing us to use de-identified feedback about changes you make to your AI-assisted surveys. This helps improve the feature for future surveys.

Expand the section below matching your plan type for details on whether Build with AI is available, and how to control the settings for the feature and for feature improvement: 

  • Basic and Individual plans
  • Team and Enterprise plans
  • HIPAA-enabled accounts, and Enhanced Sensitive Data Protection

To create a survey with Build with AI:

  1. Click Create Survey.
  2. Select Build with AI.
  3. Type a prompt. We recommend using one of the examples as a template, but you can also write your own prompt from scratch. Then click the paper airplane icon.
  4. Click Create Survey.
  5. Preview your survey. If you want to continue with it, click Use Survey so you can edit the survey to customize it how you like. Otherwise, you can Try another prompt or start over with another survey creation method.

Survey prompts can be up to 1,000 characters long. You can submit up to 10 AI-generated survey prompts per hour.

When you build a survey with AI, multiple choice, checkbox, NPS, name, email, address, phone, and open-text questions are generated. Once you use the survey and you're customizing it, you can add in other question types.

Certain survey use cases are not permitted—for details, please see SurveyMonkey's Acceptable Uses Policy, as well as additional third party provider usage policies, and acceptable use and conduct policies.

  • State your goal (e.g. we want to improve the employee experience).
  • Describe what you want to know (e.g. we need to survey our employees about pay, benefits, hours, workload, and culture).
  • Provide general context describing who is sending the survey (e.g. we're a large sporting goods manufacturer).
  • Specify what demographic or company information you want to know about your respondents (e.g. business industry and size, or age and gender).
  • Be specific and as detailed as possible about the desired context, outcome, length, or style. 
  • Be precise—avoid ambiguity or vagueness.
  • Iterate on your prompt until you get a survey draft you can work with.
  • What is Build with AI?
  • What info is shared with the Azure OpenAI service and OpenAI?
  • What happens when I use the Help us Improve Build with AI setting?
  • What happens if I added sensitive company information into my prompt?
  • I was told my prompt contained unsafe content, what can I do?