Analyzing Results

  • Understanding Your Results

    How to Analyze Results

    View your results from the Analyze Results section of a survey. You can see a summary view of your data; browse individual responses; create custom charts; use filters to focus on specific data views and segments; and easily download your results in multiple formats.

    Viewing Individual Responses

    To view how a particular respondent answered your survey, click the Individual Responses tab in your survey results. At the top of each response, you'll see some respondent metadata, which is outlined in this article.

    Survey Response Statuses

    A survey response is one respondent's submission of a survey, whether they completed the survey or only partially completed it. In the Individual Responses tab of your survey results, each response has one of the following statuses: Complete, Partial, Disqualified, or Over Quota.

    Missing Survey Responses

    Responses are recorded in the Analyze Results section of your survey. Read these tips if you think you're missing some responses.

    Response Quality

    Response Quality uses machine learning to scan your survey results and flag low-quality responses.

    Respondents Skipped Required Questions

    When you analyze your results, you may see that some respondents skipped required questions. The respondent may have exited the survey early, skip logic may have skipped the respondent past the question, or the respondent may have taken the survey before you added the required question.

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