Tagging Responses

Paid feature
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Create tags to categorize responses to questions with open-ended text responses. You can create rule-based tags, or tag responses manually

Once you add tags to your responses, they'll be visible in the survey's Question Summaries tab or when viewing individual responses.

ENTERPRISE FEATURE: This feature is only available for Enterprise customers. Please contact our sales team to learn more.

Rule-based tagging lets you automatically tag responses based on keywords or phrases. For example, if there is a certain word in your responses you want tagged, the created rule will tag existing responses and any new responses that come in.

Rule-based tagging uses word stemming to find the root of your keyword. This allows us to tag other versions of it. For example, if you create a rule for the keyword Caused, we'll also look for Cause and Causing.

ENGLISH ONLY: Rule-based tagging is only available in English at this time.

To create a rule-based tag from the Responses tab: 

  1. In the Analyze Results section, scroll to a question with open-ended text responses.
  2. Go to the Responses tab.
  3. In the Search Responses bar, enter keyword(s) or phrase(s). Your responses automatically filter.
  4. Select + Create Tag.
  5. (Optional) Edit tag label and color.
  6. Click Save

To create a rule-based tag from the Tags tab:

  1. In the Analyze Results section, scroll to a question with open-ended text responses.
  2. Go to the Tags tab.
  3. Select +New Tag.
  4. In the Tag name bar, specify the name and color of the tag.
  5. In the Keywords bar, enter the keyword(s) or phrase(s) to be automatically tagged.
  6. Click Save.

TIP! Use the table of rules below to help you search for even more specific words or phrases.

Response matches exact phraseUse quotation marks to search for exact phrases. Search results much match exact what you type between the quotes."yellow flowers"
Response matches multiple keywords or phrasesType AND between words or exact phrases to find responses that match both words and/or phrasesrose AND carnation AND "yellow flower"
Response matches either keyword or phraseType OR between words or exact phrases to find responses that match either words or phrases.rose OR carnation OR “red flower”
Response does not includeType NOT directly in front of any word or phrase that you want to exclude from your flower NOT rose
Response starts withType * after a word to search responses starting with those letters.flow* (results will show flows, flowers, flowing)
Response includes a typoTo locate responses that may include a typo, type part of the word, then ~, followed by the number of characters in the word.flo~3 (to find responses with flower, but the word has typos like, flwoer, fleowr, folwer)

carn~5 (to find responses with carnation, but the word has typos like, carntaion, carnaiton, carntiaon)
Response combines the above rulesUse a combination of AND, OR, or NOT rules to search responses.(red AND rose) OR (yellow AND rose)  AND NOT carnation

If you don’t want responses tagged automatically, you also have the option to tag responses one by one. To create tags for different forms of the same word, consider using Rule-based tagging instead (English only).

To create a manual tag:

  1. Go to the Responses tab.
  2. Use the checkboxes to select one or more responses.
  3. Select the Tag button and choose an existing tag or create a new one.
  4. Click Apply.

To remove an applied tag from the Responses tab, select Clear next to the name of the tag.

The Tags tab shows all the tags you created. You can edit, delete, or add new tags from this tab.

You can filter text responses by tag—either within a question or across your entire survey.

  • Filtering within a question
  • Filtering across a survey


Paid feature
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You can export open-ended responses, as well as any tags you've added. To export survey results, you need a paid plan.

  • Exporting an individual question
  • Exporting all questions
  • Exporting a tag