You can view and analyze your results at any time during the collection process in the Analyze section of the survey. Here you can see a summary view of your data; browse individual responses; create and export dynamic charts; use filter, compare, and show rules to analyze specific data views and segments; view and categorize open-ended responses, and easily download your results in multiple formats.

You can view summaries of each survey question, or browse through individual survey responses.

  • Question Summaries
  • Individual Responses
  • Open-ended Responses

After viewing the overall Question Summaries, you can create rules to answer more specific questions about your data. Filter, Compare, and Show rules allow you to focus in on specific subsets of your data, so you can analyze your results in a way that's most meaningful to you.

Paid users may create an unlimited number of rules. Free users may create one rule.

  • Filter Rules
  • Compare Rules
  • Show Rules
  • Using Saved Views

With any paid plan, you can download your results in a variety of formats. You can keep an offline copy of your survey results, send the exports to others, download individual responses for printing, or export your raw data for further analysis.

Exports are available on paid plans.

  • Summary Data
  • All Responses Data
  • Individual Responses (PDF)
  • Exporting Charts