As long as you send out the correct survey link, responses are saved and recorded in the Analyze Results section of your survey whenever:

If you're not seeing any responses at all, make sure you're logged in to the correct account. If you have multiple accounts, you need to be logged in to the account where you created the survey.

Check the survey link you sent out. Responses don't record using the preview link. You'll know if you sent the preview link if the URL has the word "preview" anywhere in it.

  • If you're using an Email Invitation Collector, the correct unique link is sent automatically when you send the message.
  • If you're using a Web Link Collector, click on its name from the Collect Responses section of your survey to find the correct link.

The design of your survey may affect the results or your survey takers' ability to submit responses. Click a topic below for more information:

  • My survey has required questions
  • My survey has question validation
  • My survey has Skip Logic
  • My survey is long

Track your respondents so you can see who has or hasn't submitted a survey response. Tracking must be set up before you send out your survey.