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Hide Branding (PPT Exports)

Paid feature
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You can export your survey results as a presentation file for Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT). PPT exports contain presentation slides of your survey results and include the questions, charts, and data tables you see when analyzing your results. See example exports »

To export your survey results as a presentation:

  1. Go to the Analyze Results section of your survey.
  2. Click Save As at the top of the page.
  3. Click Export file.
  4. Select the All Summary Data export type.
  5. Choose PPT, select your export options, and click Export.
  6. Either download the file immediately from the link in the pop-up or go to Exports in the left sidebar and select the file you want to download. Exports are stored here for 14 days.
  • Exporting charts and data tables: You can choose to export the charts, data tables, or both.
  • Editing slides: Make changes to text, colors, charts, or tables after exporting the file. You can edit the charts associated with all question types within the presentation except for the following, which will be exported as images.
    • Matrix of Dropdown Menus question type
    • Net Promoter® Score question type
    • Click Map question type
    • Charts displaying a weighted average 
    • Charts with a translation other than English
    • Charts with a Compare rule applied
    • Charts with combined or hidden answer values
  • Uploading a custom presentation template: With an Enterprise plan, you can upload a custom presentation template to keep exports uniform and on-brand for your organization. Learn how to add a presentation template.
  • Hiding SurveyMonkey branding: PPT exports include default SurveyMonkey branding in the footer throughout the presentation. You can remove SurveyMonkey branding on some paid plans.
  • You may need PowerPoint 10 or later to open the PPT file.
  • Pie and donut charts export with a legend rather than data labels, even when the Labels field is set to Labels.
  • The following question types can’t be exported into a presentation.
    • Single textbox
    • Multiple textboxes
    • Comment box
    • Text A/B test
    • Image A/B test
    • File upload   
    • Contact information
    • Date/ time

TIP! To export everything you see in the Question Summaries tab, including A/B Tests and open-ended responses, try the PDF export.