Team Seats, Roles, and Permissions

TEAM ADVANTAGE AND TEAM PREMIER FEATURES: Read about roles within these specific team plans. If you have an Enterprise plan, go to Enterprise Team Seats, Roles, and Permissions.

Your seat and role on a team control what permissions you have within your account and how you can work together with your team.

The Primary Admin invites people to fill a seat (an account) and assigns the seat a role. Someone's seat and role set the permissions within their account and what they can do on the team.

There are 2 seats available on Team Advantage or Team Premier Plans:

  • Full access seats have full access survey permissions and can share surveys. Full access seats can be added one by one.
  • Contributor seats have limited survey permissions and focus on one section of shared surveys, like just the Analyze section. Contributor seats can be added in bundles of 2 at a time.

The seat determines the role someone can have on the team.

Primary AdminFull Access seat. The person who created the team. They have full survey permissions and full admin permissions, letting them manage billing for the team and manage seats.
Full UserFull Access seat. They have survey permissions to create, send, and analyze surveys, but have no admin permissions.

Contributor seat. They have limited survey permissions—full access to analyze the results of surveys shared with them, can view and comment on the survey design, and view the collectors used to send the survey.

Primary Admins can view the seat and role of everyone on the team from the Manage Users tab.

To go to the Manage Users tab:

  1. Select My Team from the main navigation.
  2. Select Manage Users.

Here's what people in each role can do on your team:

Full User
Edit and manage team billing
View team billing details on the My Account page
Edit the team name
Access the Team Summary
Add seats
Reassign or delete accounts
Send copies of surveys to all team members
Manage offline devices
Add items to the team library
Access and use items from the team library
Share surveys with others
Access to all the paid features associated with the plan level of the team

Contributor seats focus on one area of a survey—the survey design, collecting responses, or analyzing results. Team members need to share surveys with Analysts so they have surveys to analyze.

Here's what Analysts can do with the team's shared surveys:

  • Exports, shared data pages, and dashboards
  • Unlimited rules and filters on surveys shared with you
Analyze surveys
Exports, shared data pages, and dashboards
View and comment on survey design
View collectors *
View the team Library
Own surveys
Request phone support
View Contributor seat features on the Plans and Pricing page (you'll see Full access seat features instead)
Integrations and direct API access

* This table shows what an Analyst can do if given the default access levels. Survey owners can edit permissions to prevent Analysts from accessing the Collect Responses section.

TIP! If you're an Analyst and need additional permissions, contact your Primary Admin.

If you need to change someone's seat or role, choose an option below to learn more.

  • Change seat
  • Change the Primary Admin