PAID FEATURE: Custom Question Bank is only available on some paid plans—see what's on your plan.

Custom Question Bank lets Primary Admins and Admins add custom questions to their team’s Library. Full Access seats on the team can add the questions to their survey from the Question Bank.

Primary Admins and Admins can add survey questions to the Library.

To add a company question to the Library:

  1. Go to the Design Survey tab, create a question, and click Save.
  2. Hover over the question and click Library.
  3. (Optional) Add tags. To create a new tag, click the Add tags field, type in the tag you'd like, and click Create tag. Or, choose an existing tag from the list.
  4. Click Add to Library.

Tags categorize your company questions so they're easier to find. People looking for questions on your team’s Question Bank can filter by tag.

Tags are case sensitive.

Primary Admins and Admins can update and delete company questions.

  • Update Company Questions
  • Deleting Company Questions

When you add questions to the Library, they become available in the Question Bank. Full Access seats on your team can search and browse company questions in the Question Bank and add them to their surveys.

To add a company question to your survey:

  1. In the Design Survey tab, click QUESTION BANK in the left sidebar.
  2. Click [YourTeamName] Question Bank to view all your company questions.
  3. (Optional) Filter by tag.
    • Click Filter.
    • Select one or more tags.
    • Click Apply.
  4. Select the questions to add to your survey design—they'll display in the preview on the right.
  5. Click + Add Question.