Get Set Up to Send Text Messages

Enterprise feature: The Text Message collector is an Enterprise add-on—contact your Customer Success Manager to add it to your team. If you're interested in an Enterprise plan, contact sales.

Does your organization want to send surveys via the Text Message collector? If you’re interested, start the process to set your organization up with their unique, pre-verified phone number to distribute text message surveys. You’ll need a phone number for each region you’re planning to send text messages to. 

Some benefits of having your own unique phone line are:

  • Increased security ensuring that only the customer’s organization can send SMS surveys using the unique line
  • Improved deliverability as an individual toll free number is subjected to less scrutiny from cellular carriers
  • Higher response rates as respondents will be more likely to know who they’re receiving the survey from, as it’s your organization's unique number. 

It isn’t permitted to use the Text message collector for political, financial, or gambling-related use cases. For additional info, please see Twilio’s Forbidden message categories and unsupported use cases.

To set up your unique phone number to send text message surveys: 

  1. Contact your Customer success manager (CSM) and let them know you’re interested. If you’re not an Enterprise customer yet, contact sales
  2. They’ll respond with a survey where you can supply information about your text messaging use case, including proof of your opt-in process.
  3. SurveyMonkey works with our SMS vendor, Twilio, to authorize your usage. This can take up to 2-3 weeks. 
  4. SurveyMonkey provides you with a dedicated phone number for your region to start sending text message surveys. 

In our setup form, we ask for details on your text message opt-in process. In order to gain approval from our SMS provider, we’ll need to verify where and how you get buy-in from your respondents to receive messages from your organization. This is required in order to send text messages via SurveyMonkey.

Check out our SMS provider’s tips on appropriate Opt-in methods.