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Survey Takers Can’t Complete My Survey

First, make sure the survey link you sent out is correct. Links are character and case sensitive, so an extra space or a lower-case letter in place of an upper-case letter could break the link.

  • If you're using a Web Link Collector, click its nickname from the Collect Responses section of your survey—the correct link is at the top of the page.
  • If you're using an Email Invitation Collector, the correct unique link is sent automatically when you send the message.
  • Survey takers can't access my survey
  • Survey takers are asked to log in to SurveyMonkey
  • Survey takers see a different survey, not mine
  • Survey takers can't move forward in the survey
  • Survey takers see a message saying the survey is closed
  • Survey takers see a message saying they've already taken the survey