You can turn on Response Limits to automatically close your survey once a certain number of respondents have taken the survey through the collector. This was previously called the Maximum Response Count.

TIP! Use this collector setting to help manage overall account response limits. You can set this on each collector you use.

If you have multiple collectors, you need to turn on Response Limits for each one separately in order to fully close the survey. To set a survey-wide limit, we suggest using only one collector for your survey.

To turn on Response Limits:

  1. Go to the Collect Responses section of your survey.
  2. Click the name of the collector and access the collector options. You may need to click Show advanced options.
  3. Turn on Response Limits.
  4. Enter the maximum number of responses you want.
  5. Click Edit "survey closed" message. Once the maximum is reached, anyone who tries to access the survey will see your closed message.

TIP! If you don't see this particular option your collector, be sure to also check out the help article about the collector type you're using. You can also set limits on a particular questions by using quotas.

All responses (with any responses status) counts towards your responses limit.

You may receive one or a couple responses over the maximum because any respondent in the process of taking the survey when the maximum is reached is still able to submit it.

For example, let's say the maximum is set as 100 and you already have 99 responses recorded. If two people access the survey simultaneously, the first person to finish is the 100th respondent. The other respondent will still be able to complete the survey, which means the survey will collect a total of 101 responses.

If you're using both Response Limits and a Cutoff Date and Time, whichever comes first will close the collector.