PAID FEATURE: The features listed below are paid features. Some are only available on particular paid plans—see what's on your plan.

The Survey End Page collector option lets you choose what survey takers see after they complete your survey.

The Survey End Page you select is specific to a collector. If you’re sending your survey using multiple collectors, you need to update the Survey End Page option on each collector.

To choose your Survey End Page:

  1. From the Collect Responses section, click the name of the collector and find the collector options.
  2. Click Survey End Page. You may need to click Show advanced options.
  3. Choose a Survey End Page option.

The Survey End Page option isn't available if you embed your survey using the Website collector.

Depending on the collector type you're using to send your survey, you can choose one of the following options for people to see after completing your survey:

Show the default end page

Survey takers see a SurveyMonkey webpage. It thanks them for taking the survey and either provides information about our site or invites them to take another optional survey offered by our SurveyMonkey research team.

For some Enterprise customers, the default end page will be branded or without a survey invite. Reach out to your Admin or Customer Success Manager to learn about your team's standard end page.

Redirect to a URLSurvey takers are redirected to a webpage of your choice.
Loop to start and allow another responseThe first page of your survey opens so it can be taken again. To use this option, you need to use the Web Link collector and turn on Multiple Responses.
Close the window or tabThe survey window or tab automatically closes. Depending on a survey taker's browser settings, they may see a blank page or be asked to confirm they want to close the window.

If you don't want SurveyMonkey branding to show on the Survey End Page, you can change the domain to a White Label URL.