Suspended Mailing Privileges

We monitor outgoing messages from Email Invitations to ensure we meet industry standards for bounce rates and spam or abuse rates. To help keep your bounce and abuse rates low, read our Acceptable Uses Policy so you understand what is and is not permitted.

Occasionally, a message you try to send may be flagged for review and marked as Pending Approval. After reviewing, we'll release messages that comply with our Acceptable Uses Policy, or we'll contact you to notify you of any issues. Messages may be marked for review for a few reasons:

  • The message was auto-flagged as spam by our system. Most people don't realize that emails they send can be considered as spam by email clients or by recipients, so we created some great guidelines for avoiding spam filters.
  • The opt out link was not clearly labeled or was hidden in the message.

If you exceed bounce rates or abuse rates, we may suspend your mailing privileges within SurveyMonkey. You will need to clean your email lists in order to reactivate your mailing privileges. It's your responsibility to clean your email lists outside of SurveyMonkey before using them on the site. It's not permitted to use SurveyMonkey as a method of cleaning your email lists.

  • Bounced Emails: We monitor hard bounces. A hard bounce is an email message that was returned to the sender and is permanently undeliverable. This may be due to an invalid email address or a mail server blocking the SurveyMonkey domain. You can view bounced recipients at any time within an Email Invitation.
  • Abuse Complaints: Email providers send us the number of recipients who manually mark your email invitations sent via SurveyMonkey as spam. The percentage of your messages that were marked as spam contribute to your abuse rate. This percentage does not include bounces or people who opt-out via the remove link inside the message. You cannot track abuse rates within SurveyMonkey.

TIP! If you need to send a survey right away, create a Web Link and distribute the survey through your own email client.