Share Your Survey on Social Media

The Social Media collector lets you post a link to your survey on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. You can also copy the survey link to share the survey wherever you want.

Beta feature: If you don’t see the option to Post to Social Media, create a Web Link collector and you’ll find options to post to social media.

Expand a section below to post your survey.

  • Post to Facebook
  • Post to Twitter
  • Post to LinkedIn

Click Customize next to the survey link to create a custom URL ending or change the survey domain.

If you customize the survey link after you post to social media, the link on your posts won't change.

The Facebook Sharing collector option controls whether your Facebook friends can post your survey on their Timeline or share it with their network.

When Facebook Sharing is On, your friends will be able to edit the Facebook message associated with the post and share it, but the SurveyMonkey headline and message can’t be edited.

When Facebook Sharing is Off, friends won’t see the Share option, but they may still be able to copy and paste the survey link from their browser to share on their own.

You can use the same collector to re-post or share your survey on another social media site.