You can add a qualifying question to your survey to disqualify respondents who choose a particular answer option. This allows you to disqualify respondents who don't meet your targeting criteria or consent to your terms.

Question Skip Logic allows you to route respondents based on their answer to a question. You can choose to send respondents who answer a question a certain way to continue through the survey, or you can disqualify respondents from the survey based on their answer and exit them from the survey.

To disqualify respondents:

  1. Add a Multiple Choice question (one answer choice allowed) to your survey.
  2. Add Question Skip Logic to the answer choices that will disqualify a respondent.
  3. Choose to skip to a Disqualification Page.
  4. Choose a disqualification option in the collector options for *each* of your collectors. (See instructions in the following section.)

When you add Skip Logic to a survey, you can choose to skip respondents to a disqualification page.

To edit the disqualification option for a collector:

  1. Go to the Collect Responses section of your survey.
  2. Click the name of the collector and access the collector options. You may need to click Show advanced options.
  3. Click Custom Disqualification.
  4. Choose between showing respondents a custom disqualification message, sending respondents to a URL of your choice, or showing respondents the standard disqualification message (the Survey End Page setting you have enabled).

You can only select one disqualification option per collector. If you have multiple answer choices in the survey that can disqualify a respondent, they'll all see the same disqualification option, no matter what question actually disqualified them.

Your Custom Disqualification can have up to 500 characters.

You can see which respondents were disqualified from the Analyze Results section of the survey.

Respondents are noted as DISQUALIFIED when you view their individual response.

To view only respondents who were disqualified, filter by completeness and select Disqualified responses.

  • Example 1: You're looking for Netflix subscribers
  • Example 2: You're looking for people who've shopped at Walmart in the past 3 months

TIP! Try out an example survey to better understand how to ask qualifying questions.