Question and Page Skip Logic

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Question Skip Logic lets you skip respondents to a later page, or a specific question on a later page, based on their answer to a previous closed-ended question.

You can apply Question Skip Logic to the following closed-ended question types:

To add Question Skip Logic:

  1. Click the Design Survey tab.
  2. Click the question to which you want to add skip logic.
  3. Click the Logic tab.
  4. For each answer option, choose the page you want to send respondents to from the Then skip to... column. You don't have to apply logic to all answer choices. (Page options described below.)
  5. Choose to send respondents to the top of the page or to a particular question on the page. If you're sending respondents to a particular question, the previous questions on that page will be hidden from them.
  6. Click Save.

Test your logic! Preview the survey to test all possible logic paths before sending it out. Responses aren't recorded when previewing.

Skip toDescription
Any page numberThis will skip respondents to the designated page. You must move respondents forward through the survey, and not backward.
End of SurveyThis will send respondents directly to the end of the survey, which will activate the Survey End Page you specified in the collector options. Their response will be considered COMPLETE when you view their individual response in the Analyze Results section.
Disqualify RespondentThis will send respondents to a disqualification page. You can customize the disqualification page in the Collector Options. Their response will be considered DISQUALIFIED when you view their individual response in the Analyze Results section.
  • Skip logic is triggered when people click the Next button on a survey page. A page break is necessary between the triggering question and the question people are skipped to.
  • Question Skip Logic overrides Page Skip Logic if both are applied on the same page. If you have Advanced Branching instead, see Using Advanced Branching with Question Skip Logic to learn how these rules work together.
  • It's important to only move respondents forward in a survey—if you send respondents backwards, it could create an endless loop and prevent them from completing the survey.
  • When Skip Logic is applied, we automatically renumber question and page numbers, if you have numbering turned on.
  • You should only apply logic to one question on a page since the survey can't skip respondents to two places—it will skip respondents according to the logic path of the first question on the page.
  • We suggest placing questions with Skip Logic applied at the end of a page. This helps you remember which questions have logic applied, and keeps the experience relevant for the respondent.
  • Create a Filter by Question and Answer to see your Skip Logic paths when analyzing results.