A Checkboxes question lets respondents select multiple answers from a list of choices. Use this question when you want people to be able to choose more than one answer option in the same question.

Tip! If you want respondents to only a single answer, use the Multiple Choice question type instead.

People taking the survey will click the checkbox next to each answer choice that applies to them.

When you create a Checkboxes question you can limit or require a certain number of choices. If you use this option, we recommend updating the error message so people know how to answer the question.

How to add a Checkboxes question to your survey:

  1. Go to the Design survey section.
  2. From the Build section, choose Checkboxes.
  3. Enter the question and answer text
  4. (Optional) Set up any additional options or settings
  5. Click Save.

Before you send your survey, preview the design to see what your survey will look like to people taking it.

Under the Edit, Options, and Logic tabs, you can further customize the question in the following ways:

Learn more: Editing Questions

Checkbox questions are easy to analyze since they are closed-ended. You can create Filter and Compare rules to break down your survey results, and every chart type is available for this question.

Response percentages may exceed 100% because the total number of answer choices selected for a question can be greater than the number of survey takers that answered the question.

All export types are available for Checkboxes questions.

If you want to share your survey results with others, you can share your exports or create a Shared Data page. Learn more about our sharing options: Sharing Survey Results.