Sorting, Randomizing, or Flipping Answer Choices

Question and Page Randomization

Paid feature
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You can choose to flip, sort, or randomize the answer choices on any question types that list multiple answer choices or open-ended fields. This excludes the Comment Box and Single Textbox question types.

To sort, randomize, or flip choices:

  1. Click the Design Survey tab.
  2. Click a question to edit it. Or, add a new question.
  3. Click the Options tab.
  4. Click Sort, Randomize, or Flip Choices.
  5. Choose from the following options:
    • Alphabetically Sort Choices - This option will automatically sort the answer choices or rows in alphabetical order.
    • Randomize Choices for Each Respondent - The order of choices will be randomized for each respondent that accesses the survey.
    • Flip Choices for Each Respondent - On average, half of respondents will see the answer choice order flipped. For example, Respondent 1 will see the choices listed as dog, cat, bird. Respondent 2 will see the choices listed in the opposite order — as bird, cat, dog.
  6. If your question contains an "Other" or "None of the above" answer choice, select Do Not Randomize the Last Choice to anchor it to the end of the list of choices to maintain a more logical experience for respondents.
  7. Click Save.