Question and Page Skip Logic

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Skip logic lets you direct respondents through different paths in a survey based on one or multiple conditions. There are three types of skip logic:

Skip Logic Type
Question Skip LogicApplied to a question. Lets you skip respondents to a future question or page in the survey based on the answer choice they select.
Page Skip LogicApplied to a page. Lets you skip everyone that reaches the page to a specific destination later in the survey—like a later page or the end of the survey. Unlike Question Skip Logic, Page Skip Logic doesn't depend on respondents' answers to specific questions—it's simply activated when a respondent reaches that page, and clicks Next.
Advanced BranchingApplied to a page. Lets you skip respondents to future points in your survey, show or hide questions, show or hide pages, or invalidate questions based on multiple conditions. You can build conditions based on a respondent's answers, custom data from Contacts, and custom variables.

If you have Advanced Branching in your account, it replaces Page Skip Logic, so you can also use this feature to skip respondents to a designated page no matter what answer they select.
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