As you're designing your survey, you can apply logic features to control the behavior of your survey and enhance the quality of your data.

Logic Feature
Page Skip LogicSkip survey takers from certain pages to specific destination pages further ahead in the survey.
Question Skip LogicSkip respondents to a future question or page in the survey based on their answer to a previous close-ended question.
Disqualification LogicUse Skip Logic to send disqualified respondents to a custom disqualification page if they select certain answer choices.
Advanced BranchingApply logic based on multiple conditions—a respondent's answers, custom data from Contacts, custom variables, or survey language. When the criteria you define in your conditions are met, you can skip respondents to future points in your survey, show or hide questions, show or hide pages, or invalidate questions and customize the error message.
Page RandomizationRotate, flip, or randomize certain pages in your survey to minimize order bias and improve overall data quality.
Question RandomizationRotate, flip, or randomize questions or sets of questions to minimize order bias and improve overall data quality.
Block RandomizationGroup pages of your survey into blocks and add logic to rotate, flip, or randomize the blocks to minimize order bias in your survey.
Carry Forward ResponsesFunnel multiple answer choices from one question to another based on respondents' selections. This feature allows you to proceed from broader questions to specific questions that are more relevant to the respondent, and more useful to your research.
QuotasClose your survey automatically once your survey reaches a certain ratio of responses.
Custom VariablesTrack respondent information through the web link you send them to access the survey. We provide you a template URL you can customize once you've finalized your design.
Question & Answer PipingInsert answer text from a previous question into a question later in the survey.
Advanced PipingInsert text from a respondent's answers, custom variables, or custom data from Contacts later in the survey.