ENGLISH ONLY: Answer Genius is only available on English language surveys. Thanks for your patience.

Answer Genius helps you quickly build surveys with more confidence—just choose an answer type to automatically add a set of prewritten answer choices to your question.

For example, if your question asks if a task is easy or difficult, choose the Easy - Difficult answer type. We automatically fill in our recommended answer choices on a 5-point scale, but you have the option of adjusting the scale for fewer or more answer choices.

Image of multiple choice question with answer genius turned on to create answer options that scale from 1 to 5 and easy to difficult.

Answer Genius is turned on automatically for all supported question types.

To choose an Answer Type:

  1. In the Design Survey tab, add a Multiple Choice, Checkbox, or Dropdown question to your survey.
  2. Type your question text.
  3. Select the answer type you want from the Select Type dropdown or type an answer choice that exactly matches a predefined answer bank set. Answer choices automatically populate in the answer fields below with the default scale.
  4. Optional: Change the Scale from the dropdown to update the number of answer choices displayed. Your answer choices update automatically.
  5. Review and edit any question options or settings.
  6. Click Save.

If you prefer to create your own answer choices, toggle Answer Genius off to clear any predefined answer choices and create your own answer set.

Answer scale refers to the number of answer choices your question has. When you select an answer type, we auto-fill your answer choices with the default scale. We suggest the default scale based on survey research best practices.

Changing the Scale lets you display fewer or more answer choices.

Click Reverse Answer Order to flip the order of the answer choices.

Below are a few examples of Answer Type and Scale available with Answer Genius. To view all Answer Types and Scales, take a look at the Select Type dropdown in your account.

Answer TypeDefault Answer ChoicesDefault
Answer Scale
Answer Scales
Agree - DisagreeStrongly agree
Neither agree nor disagree
Strongly disagree
52, 3, 4, 5, or 7
Too short - Too longToo short
About the right length
Too long
33 or 5
AgeUnder 18