Can I create a question that sums the numbers or shows a running total?

You can validate the Multiple Textboxes question type to only allow numerical data, and require all fields to add up to a fixed sum. This field will only accept positive, whole numbers.

To validate a Multiple Textboxes question to require a fixed numerical sum:

  1. Click the Design Survey tab.
  2. Click a Multiple Textboxes question to edit it. Or, add a new Multiple Textboxes question type from the Build section of the left sidebar.
  3. Under the Textboxes fields, select Only Allow Numerical Data.
  4. Select Require a Fixed Sum.
  5. In the Sum of all Answers = field, enter the number that all answers must add up to.
  6. Customize the error message to be clear about the requirements of the question.
  7. Click Save.

TIP! If you require a fixed sum, be sure to mention the required total in the question text itself to ensure that respondents know how to properly answer the question the first time.

A common use of this feature is to ask respondents to provide answers in percentages that add up to 100%. However, the numerical data field will not accept percentage signs. We suggest adding question text instructing respondents to omit the percent sign (%) from their responses.

Respondents will not see a running total update dynamically as they enter their answers, but if they enter a set of numbers that do not add up to the required fixed sum, they will receive an error message when they try to move to the next page of the survey, indicating that the choices must add up to a specific number.