Adding Answer Choices in Bulk

If you need to add a large number of answer choices to a single question, you can copy and paste a list all at once instead of adding each choice one by one.

This option is available on every question type except the Single Textbox, Comment Box, Contact Information, and Star Rating question. For Matrix of Dropdown Menus or Matrix/Rating Scale questions, you can only copy and paste row choices—not column choices.

To copy and paste answer choices:

  1. Click the Design Survey tab.
  2. Click a question to edit it, or add a new question.
  3. In Edit mode, click + Bulk Answers, located at the top right of the answer choice fields.
  4. Enter each choice on a separate line.
  5. Click Save.

In most cases, existing answer choices will be included in the textbox, and any changes you make will overwrite the existing answer choices when you click Save.

However, if the question meets any of the following conditions, the existing answer choices don't appear in the Add Answers in Bulk textbox. Any new answer choices you enter will be appended after the existing answer choices:

  • The question has already collected responses
  • The existing answer choices have any rich text or HTML formatting
  • The question has Question Skip Logic applied
  • The question has a Quota applied

If you wish to remove any of the original answer choices, click ➖ to the right of the answer choice you wish to delete.

TIP! Copy & Paste Several Questions at a Time If you've already written a lot of questions for your survey, save time by copying & pasting the questions and answers in bulk. Learn more: Copying & Pasting Questions