Benchmarkable Questions & Templates

Benchmarks give context to your survey results by allowing you to compare your results to others who used the same Question Bank questions as you.

  • We offer free Global Benchmarks when you use some of our Question Bank questions and templates. To see free benchmarks, create a benchmarkable survey using the helpful tips below, then view benchmarks in your survey results.
  • You can also buy Industry Benchmarks for specific comparison groups to help you narrow down the types of organizations included in a benchmark, like country or industry.

Benchmark data is available for select Question Bank questions in English only. Open-ended responses or textboxes are not benchmarkable.

You can create a survey to benchmark by using Question Bank or our expert-certified survey templates.

A two-colored square with a diagonal of green and gray colors. A gray circle in the middle with two bars, a short blue one and a tall green one.
The benchmark icon indicates whether a question or template is benchmarkable. Look for the benchmark icon when adding questions from Question Bank or creating survey from an expert template.

Question Bank contains hundreds of questions created and certified by our very own survey methodologists.

To see the Question Bank questions with benchmarks available:

  1. Go to the Design Survey section of your survey.
  2. In the left sidebar, click Question Bank.
  3. Browse the available questions for the benchmark icon.

Some Question Bank questions can be customized using drop-down menus in the question text. However, if you edit additional text, your comparisons might not be valid for benchmarks since your questions may be interpreted differently by your respondents than by others who saw the questions as they were originally written.

Expert templates are made up from questions from Question Bank.

To see the expert templates with benchmarks available:

  1. Click Create Survey in the upper-right corner of your account.
  2. Click Start from a template.
  3. Browse the available templates and look for the Benchmark icon to find templates that include benchmarkable questions.

To see which questions in a template have benchmarks available, create your survey using the template and go to the Analyze Results section of the survey. You can view benchmarks even if you haven't collected any survey responses.

TIP! When starting from a template, use our design tools to add more questions to the survey or delete any questions you don't want to include. You can also change the survey theme to edit the look and feel of the survey.