Matrix of Dropdown Menus Question

Matrix of Dropdown Menus

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The Matrix of Dropdown Menus question allows respondents to evaluate several items using the same set of measurements by choosing from a preset list of answer choices.

To add this question type:

  1. Drag and drop Matrix of Dropdown Menus into your survey from the Build section.
  2. In the Row Choices fields, enter the items you want respondents to evaluate.
  3. In the Column Choices fields, enter a label for the set of measurements you want respondents to use to evaluate the row items.
  4. Below each column choice, click Enter Answer Options and enter a list of measurements you want respondents to choose from to evaluate each row item. These are the answer options that will appear in every dropdown menu directly under that column choice.
  5. Configure any additional options.
  6. Click Save.

TIP! Avoid creating too many rows and columns—try not to have more than 50 answer options total. Large matrices may cause survey performance issues, and respondents may speed through the question rather than take the time to read all the answer options.

Before you send out your survey, preview your survey design to see what your survey will look like to respondents.

If you require respondents to answer a specific number or range of rows, customize the error message to reflect the requirement so respondents will know how to answer the question correctly.

Since the Matrix of Dropdown Menus can be large, keep in mind that respondents using mobile devices may have to scroll to see the whole question.

There is a separate chart and data table for each column choice. Each chart will show how respondents evaluated each row item using the list of answer options in the dropdown menus.