Collect phone numbers and extensions using the Phone question type.

To add a Phone question: 

  1. From the Builder, drag and drop the Phone question type into your survey.
  2. Enter your question text. 
  3. Choose to Show or hide the extension type. The phone number type defaults to on and can’t be hidden.
  4. Enter a Label for the phone types you chose to show. 
  5. (Optional): Add a Placeholder for the phone types you chose to show. 
  6. Navigate to the Options tab and choose which phone types you want to require

There are some limitations when using the Phone question: 

  • Conversation Mode
  • Page Skip Logic
  • Answer Genius

Before you send out your survey, preview your survey to see how it will look  to survey takers.

When you view your results in the Analyze Results section, you can view all responses at-a-glance in our Individual Responses table view. Or, view Question Summaries to view summaries of each survey question. 

Charts aren’t generated for this open-ended question type.