Survey Builder

Create an survey, integrate it with Salesforce, Zendesk, or Pardot, and distribute it to your respondents. Follow the steps below to get started.

To create a survey:

  1. In, select Surveys, then select New Survey.
  2. Choose to send a CSAT survey using a Program, Create from scratch, Use a template, or duplicate a survey from your survey list.

Customize the look and feel of your survey with the theme editor. Edit your survey background, font, questions, answers, and buttons to align with your brand. You can edit your theme and font at any time while creating your survey. Learn more about survey themes

To customize your theme, select Themes in the top left corner of the survey builder. If you upload a custom image for your survey background, there are a few guidelines to follow:

  • Image size: Around 1024x768 pixels is best for the survey size.
  • File types: Use a jpeg, pjpeg, gif, png, x-png, bmp, or x-bmp.

When you’re done, select Questions in the top left corner to return to your survey.

To add questions to your survey, select New Question in the left sidebar, then select a question type. If you use a Salesforce integrated plan, you also see Salesforce specific questions. Learn more about question types in GetFeedback

Some question types add a title by default. To change the title, select the title and enter your text.

After adding your question, customize it using the right panel. Your options change depending on the question type. Learn more about question types in GetFeedback

To delete a question from a survey, hover over the question in the left panel, then select the X.

The title page introduces the survey and sets expectations for respondents. Provide your survey title, a description, and a logo or other image that identifies the survey.

To add a title or question image or video, turn on the Title image/video or Question image/video sliders in the customization panel on the right side of the builder.

Include rich media in your GetFeedback survey, like images, branding, or a video. Once you insert an image, you can resize it as needed.

  • To add an image: Turn on the Question image/video toggle, then select Add image or video. Then, you can search for a Google Image or upload an image from your computer. Learn more about adding and editing images
  • To embed a video: Turn on the Question image/video toggle, then select Add image or video. Then, select Embed video and insert a link from YouTube or Vimeo.

Choose if you want to add a Thank You exit page or a URL redirect exit page at the end of your survey. You can add multiple exit pages and redirect to specific ones using survey logic. Learn more about exit pages

If needed, add translations for your survey. You can download a .csv of your survey’s text and upload translations directly to the survey builder. Learn more about survey languages and creating multilingual surveys

After your survey questions and pages are set up, it's a good time to apply logic to the survey. Logic can help you get better data by creating a more personalized survey experience for survey takers. For example, you can use question skip logic to control which questions survey takers will see next based on their answers to previous questions.

To add logic to a question, hover over the question in the left panel, then select the Logic icon. Learn more about question logic in GetFeedback

Create Actions to get an email or Slack message when someone submits a complete response. You can also create task records in Salesforce based on survey responses. Add conditions to only get notified about certain responses. Learn more about response notifications

If needed, connect your survey to Salesforce, Zendesk, or Pardot. After connecting your survey, you can map responses back to Salesforce, Zendesk, or Pardot and send your survey with Salesforce and Zendesk automations, Salesforce SMS invitations, and Salesforce chat. You can also create email templates to send from Pardot.

Map responses to Salesforce, Zendesk, or Pardot. In Salesforce, you can map responses to any custom or standard object. In Zendesk, you can map responses to custom ticket fields.

Test your draft survey to make sure your logic, mappings, and merge fields are working. Responses submitted to your draft survey don’t count toward your response limit.

When you’re ready to share your survey select Publish in the top right corner of the survey builder.

Send your survey to collect responses. There are several ways to send your survey.

Distribution OptionDescription
Survey LinkCopy a link to send to your respondents. You can:
- Change the link ending to match your brand or survey topic.
- Build custom links with merge fields to send using Salesforce or another email provider.
EmailSend survey emails and export email templates from GetFeedback. You can:
- Send a branded survey email to a list or Salesforce report.
- Set up automated emails with Salesforce and Zendesk to trigger emails based on object or ticket fields.
- Create custom HTML, Visualforce, and Pardot email templates.
SMSSet up SMS survey invitations with Salesforce. We create the outbound message that you can attach to a Flow in Salesforce.
WebsiteShow your survey in Salesforce sites and chats. You can:
- Show at the end of a Salesforce chat.
- Embed in your Salesforce community or knowledge base.