Adding and Editing Images

Once you've selected an image to add to your survey title page, question or exit page, GetFeedback makes it easy to adjust how the image looks in your survey.

Resizing a small image tends to make the image look grainy or pixelated. If your image looks pixelated, try using a larger source image.

There are four main tools GetFeedback provides for editing an image:

  • Cropping
  • Adding a border / frame to an image
  • Resizing an image
  • Moving and centering and image

To crop an image vertically, click and hold on the image, and drag the image around. Once you've got it cropped to your liking, let go.

Depending on the contrast between your image and the survey background, some images may be easier to see if you add a frame. To add or remove a frame, select Frame in the bottom left of the image editor.

Drag the slider below the image to change the image size.

After resizing and cropping the image, move and center the image on the page.

  • To move the image, click and drag the image in the frame.
  • To center the image, select Center in the bottom right of the image editor.