Customize your GetFeedback surveys to match your team's brand and style. Add a background image, change the background texture color, and change the font.

To customize your survey theme, select Themes on the left side of the survey builder. in this menu, you can customize:

  • Background color, texture, or image
  • Text font
  • Text color
  • Button color

Customize the background color, texture, or image of your GetFeedback survey. Choose from a list of Images, Textures, or Colors, and view the changes in your survey in real-time. Or, upload an existing image for a custom background and adjust the brightness slider to make sure it looks just right.

To upload your own background image:

  1. In the theme editor, scroll to Create your own theme and select the background image thumbnail.
  2. Select an image for the background.
  3. Select the image position from the dropdown: fill, fit, tiled, or centered.

Image requirements

  • Format: JPEG, PJPEG, GIF, PNG, X-PNG, BMP, or X-BMP
  • File size: 10 MB or less

GetFeedback automatically creates different sized versions of all images to improve survey load times. You can upload any image size that you'd like, and we'll make sure that the load time is the shortest possible for your respondents.

Pick from our list of fonts to match your survey to your team brand. Font size can't be customized in the survey builder.

At the bottom of the theme editor, use the color swatches to set colors for your question and answer text, button background, and survey background. You can set the colors manually or enter a HEX value to perfectly match your brand.