Thank You Pages, Exit Pages, and Redirects

At the end of your GetFeedback survey, you can add an exit page, to thank your respondents or take them to a different page. GetFeedback offers two kinds of exit pages: a Custom Thank You page, and a URL Redirect page.

The Thank You page will be the final page your respondent sees after submitting their survey response. You can use this page to thank your respondents for completing the survey. The Thank you page is a great place to create a call-to-action that, directs respondents to return to your marketing site.

On your Thank You page, you can customize the call-to-action button. For example, event planners can direct survey participants to register for their event, or sales professionals might drive a survey recipient to learn about other products for sale.

By default, the button will be blank and won't display to survey recipients. To set up and enable the button:

  1. Add text to the button.
  2. In the right side editor under the Settings header, add your desired URL to the button link. The call-to-action will direct survey recipients to this link.
Thank You Page Example

A URL redirect page directs respondents to another site after the survey session is completed. If you’re setting up a Kiosk Survey for an event, - you can use a URL Redirect exit page to loop the survey back to the beginning once it has been submitted. You can also use a URL redirect to send a respondent back to your marketing page.

To set up your URL Redirect page:

  1. From the survey builder, add an exit page, then select URL Redirect.
  2. In the right-side editor, enter the URL you want to send respondents back to after they complete the survey.

If you've included merge fields in your survey, you can use those same merge fields in your redirect link. This works especially well if you're redirecting to another survey.

When adding merge fields to your link:

  • Take note of what you've named your merge fields. The merge field name comes before the 'equals' sign (=) in your original survey link. For example, in the link[Score], the merge field name is 'Score' and the merge field value is [Score].
  • Add the merge fields to your link using GetFeedback merge field syntax.

You may want to send your survey respondents to different exit pages depending on how they respond to your survey. For example, you can send your NPS “promoters” to an exit page where they can leave a review on your site. Then, you can send your “detractors” to an exit page where they can contact your customer support team. Learn more about using survey logic.

It’s not possible to create logic rules based on Ranking, Multiple Choice grid, Rating grid, or Key Driver questions. However, you can still send people to those questions from rules that are based on other question types.