Use your survey at a kiosk to present a survey to a large group, especially if you're at a convention, tabling an event, or giving an interactive demo. Kiosk surveys work on tablets, mobile phones, and desktop computers. You can set your survey to restart after each response is submitted to reduce lag or set-up time between each survey session.

Respondents will need to finish the survey in one session.

You’ll need a reliable internet connection to run your kiosk survey. GetFeedback doesn’t support offline surveys.

Create the survey you want to use for your kiosk. By default, the survey will be anonymous, so consider adding a form question to capture information about who is taking your survey, such as name, phone number, email address, or physical address.

To automatically start the survey over after the last user submits their answers, set up a URL redirect at the end of the survey. A traditional URL redirect will take your users to an external website once their answers are submitted. In this case, you’ll use your own survey URL to reset the survey for the next respondent.

To add a URL redirect to your survey:

  1. From your survey, select Distribute > Survey Link.
  2. In the Live Survey tab, copy the survey link.
  3. Go back to your survey. In the survey builder, select +Add an Exit Page, then choose URL Redirect.
  4. In the Redirect URL field on the right, paste your survey link.
  5. Publish your survey.

When a respondent submits their responses, your survey will restart.

It’s best to use a kiosk mode extension for your browser. Kiosk mode prevents your device from entering sleep mode and maximizes your browser so respondents can only see your survey.

Refer to your browser or extension’s instructions to learn how to set up kiosk mode.