Custom Survey Links and Domains

Pro feature: Available on Pro and Ultimate plans.

Customize your survey link’s domain, subdomain, and ending to make your link more relevant to your survey and respondents. Administrator users can enable this feature.

Create a custom subdomain to include your branding in the survey link without removing the GetFeedback domain. The subdomain is the part before “” in your survey link.

The image below explains the structure of a link that uses a custom subdomain.

A custom domain is placed at the front of a link, before

To create your custom subdomain:

  1. From the GetFeedback homepage, select Settings > Custom URL > Edit.
  2. Enter your custom subdomain. This custom subdomain will be applied to all surveys you send.
  3. Select Save.

If you share a live survey link before setting a custom domain or subdomain, that link will stay active even when a custom domain or subdomain is added.

Customize the survey link ending to make the link more relevant to your survey and respondents. The link ending, also known as the survey path, is the part after /r/ in your survey link.

You’ll need to add a custom subdomain before changing the link ending.

To customize the link ending:

  1. From your survey, select Distribute > Survey Link.
  2. Select the pencil button next to your link.
  3. Enter a custom link ending.
  4. Select Save.

You can use your own custom domain (example: and remove GetFeedback from the survey link.

Because GetFeedback doesn’t own your domain, we can’t automatically direct internet traffic from your domain without some additional configuration. However, you or your IT team can configure your domain's DNS settings so you can route traffic from your domain to your GetFeedback surveys.

To set up a custom domain:

  1. Contact GetFeedback support at to let them know what custom domain you’d like to set up.
  2. We’ll provide you with a CNAME target, which points to your desired custom domain to the DNS target (ex: ->
  3. We’ll add the custom domain to your account and confirm the SSL for you. We'll let you know when the custom domain is live.
  4. Test your survey links to make sure they look good and render correctly.

You can use your company's email domain to send surveys with a List, Salesforce Automation, and Zendesk Automation. You'll need to contact support to set up a custom email domain. Learn more