Sending SMS Invitations from Salesforce

Essentials feature: Available on Essentials, Pro, and Ultimate plans.

Send GetFeedback survey invitations via SMS to connect quickly with your customers on-the-go.

At this time, we’re only able to send SMS to phone numbers based in the US, Australia, Canada, Finland, Ireland, the UK, France, and Sweden.

From your survey, select Distribute > SMS to set up SMS invitations.

Draft your custom SMS message. Include the following information in your message:

  • Your company or brand name. The company name helps respondents know where the survey came from.
  • A link to your company’s privacy policy. The privacy policy tells respondents how you use and collect their data.

After drafting your message, go to the Consent section and turn on the toggles to confirm you included the required information in your message. You also need to confirm that your recipients have consented to receive SMS messages. The Consent toggles need to be turned on to save your SMS message.

For the dropdown labeled Each Survey Remains Active For, choose how long recipients can access your survey. Once the time period passes, the survey link won’t work.

Set up a trigger for your message and select the fields to pull information from.

  • Object that will trigger your SMS: Select the object that triggers your SMS message to send. The other fields you select are based on this object.
  • Field used to identify recipient in reports: Choose the field to show next to the survey responses on reports.
  • Field used as the recipient phone number: Choose the field to pull phone numbers from.

Respondents can respond “STOP” to your SMS messages to unsubscribe. You can map these responses back to Salesforce.

To map unsubscribe responses to Salesforce:

  1. Turn on the Suppression list sync toggle.
  2. Choose the field to map “STOP” responses to.

The fields you chose to pull information from are displayed in the Salesforce Merge Fields section. You can add more merge fields from the object you chose.

To add more Salesforce merge fields:

  1. Select +Salesforce Field.
  2. Select the field you want to add. Learn more about Salesforce merge fields
  3. Select Add.

Place additional merge fields in your survey to track more metadata. To include additional merge fields:

  1. Scroll to the Additional merge fields section, then select +Merge Field.
  2. Enter the Merge Field Name (the title of the merge field) and Merge Field Value (the name of the Salesforce field to pull data from).
  3. Select Add.

You can personalize your SMS message with any merge fields you added. To personalize your SMS message:

  1. In the Custom message box, place the cursor where you want to add a merge field.
  2. Select the Personalize button in the top corner of the box.
  3. Select a merge field to add, then enter a fallback term to use if the merge field doesn’t contain data.
  4. Select Insert.
  5. Go back to the Consent section and turn on the toggle about merge fields and message length.

When you're ready, select Save SMS Settings at the bottom of the SMS builder. If the button is gray, you may need to confirm a statement in the Consent section.

After saving your SMS message, scroll to the top and select View in Salesforce to view the outbound message you created.

Salesforce will start blocking new workflow rules in Winter 2023. Learn more

If you haven’t already, set up a flow in Salesforce to trigger the SMS message. Since you’ve already selected the object that triggers the message, you’ll need to choose the action that triggers your SMS.

When setting up your workflow rule:

  • Choose the same object you selected for your SMS message.
  • Set any criteria you want. For example, to send messages after closing a case, you can set it to send when Case Status equals Closed.
  • When you add a workflow action, select an Existing Action to find the Outbound message you already created for your SMS Invitation.
  • Test your workflow rule before sending surveys to make sure your rule and merge fields are working correctly.

Recipients can respond "STOP" to unsubscribe from SMS survey invitations and "START" to resume them. If the survey recipient responds to the SMS with text other than "STOP" or "START," they receive instructions on how to properly complete the survey. We only send instructions once per survey invite.

From your survey, select Results > Distribution to review unsubscribes, bounces, and open rates. Learn more