Salesforce will block the creation of new workflow rules in Winter 2023. You will still be able to activate, edit, and deactivate existing workflows after this change. However, you’ll need to build new automations using Flow Builder. Flows give you more flexibility to add conditions to your automation.

Here’s what that means for your GetFeedback automations and Programs in Salesforce.

If you manually create automations, you can use Flows to automate your surveys. Flows allow you to create and update records, send outbound messages or email templates, and more.

Our Salesforce Automation and Salesforce Programs automatically create workflow rules, not Flows. We’re planning to update our automations to create Flows instead of workflow rules. For now, you can manually attach your survey to a Flow in Salesforce, then deactivate your workflow rule.

If you use our Salesforce Automation or a Salesforce Program, we’ve created a workflow rule and outbound message for you. Salesforce recommends you start migrating your workflow rules to Flows. You can either use the Migrate to Flow tool provided by Salesforce or manually create Flows and attach your outbound messages to them.

To migrate an existing survey workflow (such as a Case Closed workflow) to a Flow:

  1. Create a Flow in Salesforce. Choose the flow type that works best for your use case.
  2. Attach your outbound message to the Flow.
  3. Deactivate the workflow rule that was previously using your outbound message.