Quick Launch with Salesforce and Zendesk

Use Quick Launch in GetFeedback to automate surveys and map feedback to Salesforce and Zendesk all in one easy step. Quick Launch helps you automate feedback collection at strategic moments in the customer journey and monitor the feedback over time, all in one place.

If you use Salesforce, enable certain permissions in Salesforce:

  • Create, Read, Edit, Delete permissions for any objects and fields you’re mapping to.
  • API access in Salesforce to set up your program.
  • Send Outbound Messages permissions for anyone who closes cases in Salesforce.
  • Modify Metadata Through Metadata API Functions permissions to map data to Salesforce fields and objects.

Learn more about recommended Salesforce permissions

To use Quick Launch:

  1. From the left sidebar, select Quick Launch.
  2. Select Preview outcome to get more details on the setup.
  3. Select the setup you want to get started.

You can choose from a few setup types.

Setup NameDescriptionSurvey TypeIntegrations
Rate customer support in SalesforceAsk customers to rate their level of satisfaction after you close their case in Salesforce.CSATSalesforce
Rate agent or team performance in SalesforceTrack performance by agent​​ and generate pre-built reports in Salesforce that your whole team can view.CSATSalesforce
Improve sales success with SalesforceInterview prospects about their sales experience so you can train your team and improve success rates.CSATSalesforce
Rate customer support in ZendeskAsk customers to rate their level of satisfaction after you solve their ticket in Zendesk.CSATZendesk

To recommend a new setup you’d like to see, select Contact us at the bottom of the Quick launch page. You can select from several template options or leave a comment.

Each setup automatically sends surveys based on the program trigger (for example, when a case is closed). Depending on the type of program you’re creating, the workflow shows you each step to complete to create your program. Use the task manager to complete each step to set up your setup.

When you’re ready to launch your program, select Launch setup. When you launch your setup, we activate the setup in Salesforce or Zendesk.

The Status section of the workflow page shows the current status of your setup: Active, Paused, or Closed. You can also see the date you launched your setup.

After launching your setup, keep track of your results in the program’s left sidebar. To analyze your results further, select Go To Workspaces. Learn more about filtering results in Workspaces.

If you want to stop running your setup, you can pause or end it from GetFeedback at any time. You can still view results after pausing or ending the program.

If you pause your setup, you can resume it later. If you end your setup, you can’t restart it, and you’ll have to launch a new setup to collect responses again.

To pause or end your setup:

  1. From your setup, select the three dots icon in the top right corner.
  2. Select Pause or End.