Rate Customer Support in Zendesk

Send a customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey after solving a ticket in Zendesk. This setup is designed for CX leaders and Support teams that use Zendesk to manage customer issues. The setup automatically creates a survey, email, mappings, and workspace so you can start collecting feedback sooner.

To use Quick Launch, you’ll need to have an existing Zendesk connection mapped to GetFeedback. Select Integrations in the left side menu to start setting up your integration.

To create the setup:

  1. Select Quick Launch from the left-side navigation.
  2. Find Rate agent or team performance in Salesforce, then choose Select.

Your newly created setup has a central section outlining the workflow and a left sidebar menu outlining tasks to complete. To build your setup, complete each required task in the menu.

  1. Add program name: Your setup is given a name when you create it. To change the name, select Add program name.
  2. Connect to Zendesk: Select the Zendesk environment to connect to. The connection creates a trigger and webhook in Zendesk so we can push live survey results to your Zendesk environment.
  3. Review survey and distribution: Preview and customize the survey and email templates. Select the edit links to customize and brand your survey or email.
  4. Review Zendesk mappings: We create mappings to push data back to the Zendesk ticket. Review the mappings and select Done, or select Edit Mappings to make changes.

Customize your setup further by completing the optional tasks.

  • Turn on reminders: Schedule reminder emails to encourage users to take your survey.
  • Add custom logo: Brand your survey with your logo.
  • Add actions: Set up automated emails or Slack messages when respondents answer questions a certain way.

When you’re ready, select Launch setup to send surveys when a Zendesk ticket is solved.

Once a program is launched, track the status and response rate in the program’s left sidebar. To dig deeper into your results, select Go to Workspaces.

In Workspaces, you can view an Insights dashboard to help you analyze customer satisfaction over time and compare results. You can filter and compare results by response type, score, keywords, and merge fields. Within this dashboard, you can look at customers’ individual responses and review recurring keywords they use in those responses.

To review distribution data or export your survey results, go to the survey and select Results.