Connect your Zendesk account to GetFeedback to automate survey emails or use Quick Launch with Zendesk.

Create a Zendesk connection so you can connect and map your surveys to Zendesk. To connect to Zendesk: 

  1. Select Integrations > Zendesk.
  2. Select Add Connection.
  3. Set up the connection details:
    • Connection name. Enter a nickname for your connection so you can remember it easily and distinguish it from other connections you might add later.
    • Zendesk subdomain. Log in to your Zendesk account, then copy the subdomain visible in the URL (it’s the part before “”).
    • Zendesk admin email. This is the same email address that your admin uses to log in to Zendesk.
    • API token. Your admin can generate an API token for you.
    • Webhook connection. Toggle on to automatically create a webhook in Zendesk. If you do this, you won’t have to create a webhook when setting up a Zendesk Automation.
  4. Select Connect.

You can now set up Zendesk Automation or create a Quick Launch setup using your Zendesk connection.

Once you connect GetFeedback to Zendesk, you can set connections for individual surveys. You'll need to connect a survey to Zendesk to use the Zendesk automation or map response data to tickets.

To connect a survey to Zendesk:

  1. Open your survey, then select Settings.
  2. To connect your published survey to Zendesk, make sure the Live Survey tab is selected.
  3. Under Zendesk Connections, select the dropdown and choose a connection for your survey.