GetFeedback team accounts let you collaborate with your team without sharing passwords. Each team member has their own separate login credential and workspace. The team administrator manages membership, billing, Salesforce connections, and account settings for the team.

GetFeedback teams have an administrator who's responsible for managing the team. The admin manages billing, team member statuses (active or inactive), adding new team members, and each member's ability to connect to Salesforce.

In GetFeedback for email and Salesforce, administrators can add and manage users, update permissions, and set Salesforce access.

Team administrators are able to manage the GetFeedback environment and are responsible for:

  • New user activation and deactivation
  • Access to Salesforce integration
  • White-labeling for the team
  • Custom URLs for the team
  • GetFeedback home screen settings for each team member.

If you'd like to change your team’s administrator, or you'd like your team admin to be able to view and manage all surveys, contact us.

To manage your team in

  1. Select Settings.
  2. Find Team Settings, then select Edit to open the Team Administration page.

If your organization uses Single Sign On (SSO), your IT team adds team members via your company’s SSO provider. Reach out to your company’s IT team for assistance.

Administrators can invite team members to their GetFeedback account. To add new team members:

  1. From the Team Administration page, select Add Team Member.
  2. Enter your team member’s Name and Email, then select Add. We send an email invitation to your team member so they can register for their account.

To resend an invitation to a team member:

  1. From the Team Administration page, find the team member you want to resend the invitation to.
  2. Select the email button to send the invitation again.

You can deactivate an account when someone leaves your team. To deactivate an account:

  1. From the Team Administration page, find the team member you want to deactivate.
  2. Select the minus button, then select Deactivate.

When a user account has been deactivated, that user will no longer be able to log in or access their GetFeedback account. However, because that user license has already been paid for through the renewal date of the team administrator, that user account can be assigned to another email address.

A team administrator controls Salesforce connection settings. Team members aren’t connected to Salesforce by default, they'll each need to be enabled by their team admin.

To manage Salesforce connection settings for each user:

  1. Select Integrations > Salesforce > Access Control.
  2. Enable or disable Salesforce permissions for each team member.

For example, an administration turns the Salesforce integration On. Any team member with the Salesforce setting turned On can map survey responses into Salesforce. Those who have the Salesforce setting turned Off can't integrate surveys with Salesforce in their account.

If you have the admin account credentials, log in, go to Account Settings, and change the name and email address to the new admin’s name and email. You can also set up a new password for the account. Your team admin will then log in with the new credentials.

If the user you want to set as the new team admin already has a GetFeedback account, you'll need to contact us to make the switch for you. Please provide the email address of the current admin, and the email of the team member who’ll be the new admin.

If your team's administrator is no longer with your organization or is unavailable, we may not be able to make the change for you. In order to gain access to the GetFeedback account, you'll need to reset the password of the account here, then follow the steps above to update the admin login information. If you don't have access to the admin’s email account, you may need to speak with your IT department, and have them temporarily forward the previous admin's old email address to your email.

If you're having trouble changing your team's administrator, contact us.

In GetFeedback for web and apps, administrators can add users and manage roles and permissions.
To manage your team:

  1. In, select your username in the bottom left corner.
  2. Select Team Settings.

If you don't have the permission to invite someone to your team, contact your GetFeedback Digital Team Account Administrator or Customer Success Manager. Due to security reasons, GetFeedback Support can’t invite people on your behalf.

  • To add new people to your account: paste their email address to the Invite people section, then select Invite.
  • To manage a user's permissions, you can choose one of the default user roles, or you can create your own custom roles.
  • To grant access to a web button, select the feedback buttons the user can access. The user can manage the form and view feedback for that button, depending on what permissions they have. When inviting users, make sure that you always specify the button permissions and a user role.

By default, you can choose from 4 different roles: Administrator, Power user, Regular user, and Read only user. Here is a brief explanation of each role.

  • Administrators can invite other team members, manage the team and access your account's public API credentials.
  • Power users can edit feedback buttons and campaigns and read feedback. They can't access the team management page to invite or manage users.
  • Regular users can't edit any feedback buttons or campaigns, but they can make changes to feedback items, such as editing the status and applying or editing labels.
  • Read only users can only read feedback. They can't make any changes to feedback item statuses, feedback buttons, or campaigns.

To create a new custom role:

  1. Select Manage Roles.
  2. Enter a name and specify the rights for this new role.
  3. Select Save Changes and Return to the team management page.
  4. If you have multiple buttons, you can also define to which ones your new team member has access to.