Managing Survey Collector Options

Collectors are ways to send your survey. Each collector type works a little differently, so they all have different sets of options to choose from when you set them up.

Collector options are survey settings that enable you to customize the survey-taking experience for your respondents. These settings affect who can access your survey, how many times respondents can take the survey, and what respondents see when they're done.

To access your collector options, go to the Collect Responses section of your survey and click the name of the collector.

Collector Type
Where to Find Options
Web LinkClick Show advanced options to see all options.
Email InvitationIf you've already sent an invitation, go to the Options tab. When sending your first invitation message in the collector, you'll choose collector options after composing your message. Click Show advanced options to see all options.
Website CollectorGo to the Options tab.
Social MediaClick Show advanced options to see all options.
Target AudienceCollector options don't apply to Target Audience Collectors.

TIP! Collector options are collector-specific, not survey-wide. If you have multiple collectors, you need to customize the settings for each one separately.

The collector options available depend on the collector type you're using. If you don't see a particular option in the collector type you're using, it means it isn't available for that collector type. Learn more in the articles linked below, and be sure to check out the help article about the collector type you're using.

Additionally, some collector options aren't available on all SurveyMonkey plans. If a particular feature isn't available on your plan, you'll see the option to upgrade when trying to use the feature.

Multiple ResponsesAllow one or multiple responses per respondent.
Response EditingAllow respondents to edit their answers while taking the survey or after submitting it.
Anonymous ResponsesChoose whether or not you would like to store certain respondent information in survey results.
Invitations TrackingSee how many people opened your email invitation and clicked through to your survey.
Custom URLUse a Custom URL Ending or the White Label URL in your survey link.
Sender Email AddressEnter the email address you want to send Email Invitations from.
Cutoff Date and TimeStop collecting responses at a certain date and time.
Response LimitsFormerly Maximum Response Count. Stop collecting responses after you receive a certain number of responses.
IP RestrictionsAllow or block specific IP addresses from accessing your survey.
Password ProtectionAdd a password to your survey so only those with the password can access it.
Custom Thank YouCustomize a thank you page that will show to respondents after they submit the survey.
Custom DisqualificationShow a custom message to respondents you disqualify based on logic set up in your design.
Survey End PageChoose the survey completion option—what your respondents see upon completing the survey.
Instant ResultsShow respondents a summary of all closed-ended questions upon completion.
Facebook SharingAdd a blue Facebook share button to your survey so respondents can post your survey on Facebook.
Respondent AuthenticationRequire respondents to log in to your survey via single sign-on (SSO).
Email Quiz ResultsEmail quiz results to respondents.
RecurrenceAutomatically create new Web Links at a frequency you choose, and emails you when a new link is ready to share.
Thumbnail Image & TextEdit the web link metadata that shows when you paste your survey link in social media, messaging apps, or texts.
Confirmation EmailsWhen someone completes a survey sent by an Email Invitation, automatically send them a confirmation email that lets them know you received the survey and includes a link to see their answers.
In-email Response CaptureWhen the respondent answers the first question in the email, it is saved instantly when this collector option is enabled otherwise it’s not saved until the respondent selects Next or Done on the survey page.